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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
'That Madeira being subject to an European prince, to be sure they talk some European dialect!' The grave personage 1 It was of a piece with her saying, 'that Swift would have written better, if he had never written ludicrously.'
I have been laughing at another story, which I shall take care not to tell her, lest she descant on that too—one of the Methodist apostles who went to America to try to make people believe what has travelled through all degrees of belief and disbelief from Jerusalem to. the Lizard Point, was boasting of his success and what great improvements the poor Indians had made in Christianity; 'You shall only hear me examine the first we meet'—and then stopping one of his swarthy congregation, he asked him if he had not felt great comfort last Sunday at the sacrament after receiving the bread and wine ? ' Yes, indeed,' replied the poor Primitive, ' but I wish it had been rum!'
I met a friend of yours the other day at an auction, and though I knew him not the least, yet being your friend, and so like you (for do you know, he is excessively), I had a great need to speak to him—and did. He says, 'he has left off writing to you, for he never could get an answer/ I said, you had never received but one from him in all the time I was with you, and that I was witness to your having answered it., He was with his mother, Lady Abercorn3, a most frightful gentlewoman: Mr. Winnington says, he one day overheard her and the Duchess of Devonshire * talking of ' hideous ugly women! '• By the way, I find I have never told you that it was Lord Paisley5; but that you will have perceived.
Amorevoli is  gone to Dresden for the summer;   our
8 Anne Plumer, m. (1711) James Hamilton, seventtiEarlof Abercorn; d. 1754.
* Catherine Hoskins, daughter and heiress of John Hoskins, of Oxted, Surrey; m. (1718) William Caven-
dish, third Duke of Devonshire; d. 1777.
6 James Hamilton, Baron Paisley, succeeded his father as eighth Earl of Abercorn, 1744; d. 1789.